Crypto Pit Pty Ltd is the authorised Australian distributor for Icynote Switzerland

The most secure paper wallet available

Created under Swiss jurisdiction

Icynotes offer the highest levels of security from the graphic design to the production, making them comparable to real banknotes.

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Mobile App Check

When you receive an Icynote you can check it's validity using the free Mobile App. Simply scan the QR code and enter the signature.

Special Paper Support

Icynotes are made of 100% high density polyethylene fibres to form a tough printing substrate which is ideal for long term durability & tear resistance..

Printed Securely

The production and printing process is performed by a Swiss printing specialist with over 70 years experience. The company is ISO 27001 certified.

Truly random

Bitcoin keys are truly random. The random generator is created by a Quantique photon counter machine, the tools used are in compliance with the NIST SP800-22 Test Suite.

Charge your
Icynote from any source

How do you get Bitcoin on your Icynote?

Buy Bitcoin from a secure source and send them to the address on the Icynote. To ensure that you make no mistakes it's recommended to use the QR code. Once you have sent the Bitcoin to the cold wallet, you can scan it with the App and check the value. Name this cold wallet and treat it like cash!

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What can you use your Icynote for?

There are tons of potential use cases for your Icynote!

Bitcoin Mining

Set your Icynote as your destination mining wallet and watch the Bitcoin accumulate safely.

Holding Long Term (HODL!)

Transfer you Bitcoin out of the exchange into your personal Icynote wallet. Rest easy it can't be hacked.

Barter or Trade

Your loaded Icynote is worth something. Exchange it with others for real world goods or services.

Gift Bitoin

Load an Icynote with Bitcoin and give to family or friends. It makes the perfect Birthday or Christmas present.

Stay Anonymous

When you buy an Icynote there is no record of which public address belongs to you. Stay completely anonymous.

Private Key Protection

Nobody knows your private key, not even you, until you peel the secure hologram sticker off. Your key is safely in your hands.

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Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the Icynotes we cannot accept returns. This is to protect all our customers and to ensure they receive only brand new Icynotes direct from the manufacturer.
Unfortunately we cannot sell cryptocurrency as part of the transaction as we are not licensed to do so. Instead we have partnered with Swyftx to make the process of getting Bitcoin onto your Icynote as simple as possible.
There is no possible way anyone can hack Bitcoin out of your Icynote without getting hold of your Icynote. The manufacturing process ensures that the randomly generated keys are wiped from the printer's hard drive after each batch. Therefore the only record of the private key for your Icynote address is on the Icynote itself. Treat your Icynote like cash, if you lose it or it gets stolen you have lost your Bitcoin.